June 19

Faction Event Rules



World Domination Rules

  • 30k World Domination Points Required
  • 100 Wins at a Minimum


Raid Boss Rules

RAID Boss event is based on a faction and individual component. The faction component will always come first, individual units will only be spawned for faction members once the faction event is completed.

  • 200 Folders are required for participation in the faction event, not attaining the minimum amount of folders will result in disciplinary action from the officers.
  • 300 Folders are the minimum required amount of required folders for attempting the individual event. Any user that does not meet the required amount of folders will not be able to request officers to spawn bosses
  • Individual spawns will be based on the users who have donated the most amount of folders to the faction.
  • Any users caught stealing kills from another user will be warned, repeated offenses will result in termination from the faction.


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