May 19

Faction Requirements

Do you want to join a team that is in it for the team, and not for the individual? Look at the requirements below, and join our recruitment room.



Core Requirements


Requirements Mission Accomplished Dark Mission Accomplished
Level No level requirement No level requirement
Attack 10,000,000 RAW* 2,000,000 RAW*
Defense 12,000,000 RAW* 2,500,000 RAW*
Allies >500 >300
Daily Donations 3x IPH
Minimum 10m Weekly
3x IPH
Minimum 5m Weekly

*RAW Statistics are your values without boosts from another faction.

Faction Event Requirements Mission Accomplished Dark Mission Accomplished 
World Domination Points > 25,000 > 10,000
Epic Raid Boss “Folders” > 200 > 100
Full Assault > 750,000 > 250,000


Faction Bonuses

Dark Mission Accomplished 

Casualty Rate

Health Regen Time +35%
Ground Attack +20%
Air Attack +15%
Infantry Attack +25%
Sea Attack +10%
Infantry Defense +35%
Ground Defense +35%
Air Defense +35%
Sea Defense +35%
Building Defense +35%
Building Output +25%
Guild Member Increase +34

Core Team Values

  • Please adhere to what the officers ask you to do, our strategies minimize overlap and effort.
  • Be active and be social, we’re out to have fun.
  • Don’t be selfish, we always go for all Faction based goals first, if you are caught going for individual goals over team, it means expulsion.
  • Be positive and active in communications




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